Discover what you need

Use a professional to help you sort through your opportunities and challenges and build a blueprint for improving your business effectiveness.

If you've ever been involved in a software, website or publishing system project before, you may have heard this sentence:

"Just tell us what you need and we'll build it."

If those words worry you, you're not alone. Telling people what you need sounds easy. It isn't. It takes surprising amounts of work and expertise. It requires you to think about your needs and those of your colleagues in a ruthlessly structured way, to listen to others' needs, to understand how the organisation works now and imagine what it could be in five years' time, and to set expectations.

What you need is half the job

This is why Shorewalker DMS stresses the importance of finding out what is really needed. (Software engineers call this requirements-gathering.) We talk to the people in your organisation who will be affected by the system and will make it a success or a failure – be they your CEO, your management, your receptionist or sales staff. Many of these people have existing work patterns which a new system could disrupt.

Work with professional services experts

While listening to your people, we also apply our own knowledge of what it takes to drive business results, applying two decades of online publishing and sales experience. 

We identify the factors and facilities that will make a success of your website, your social media project or other communications initiative.

Then we draw up the plan for your project. You can hire us to implement that plan, or take it to another supplier. Either way, you'll now know what you want.

What we provide

  • Gather requirements for a successful project.
  • Provide expert knowledge of professional services sales and marketing.
  • Report to management on communications and sales needs.