What you'll pay

We charge the way professionals should, to give you certainty about what you need and what you'll pay for it.

Shorewalker DMS pricing is underpinned by three principles.

  • You should have a professional analysis of what your true needs are.
  • You should know what you're paying for.
  • You should pay for what's delivered, not the hours we take to do it.

Many advisors and implementers in this field charge by the hour. This leaves customers in a trap, because they don't know how long it should take to create a database, a logon system or a three-minute video. We charge based on the extent and difficulty of our work and the value we deliver to your organisation.

We use a three-step process:

  • You have an initial discussion with us about your needs and aspirations.
  • If you like what you're hearing, we agree on an initial requirements-gathering project, where we analyse your needs in detail.
    • At the end of this stage, we present a full plan for further work, along with a detailed quote. You can accept that quote, or take the plan to another firm for implementation.
  • If you choose to have us implement your project, we follow the project plan and deliver your finished work for the agreed price.  

And before you start, you can get a taste of our approach by taking up our no-cost 10-minute consultation.