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Organisations use Shorewalker DMS to edit, create and promote reports and other content. We write and edit reports, articles and more – in economics, commerce, science and technology.

Shorewalker DMS is an editorial consultancy. We help businesses and governments to shape and edit the economic, business, infotech and scientific content that they need. We specialise in editing reports. 

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Do you want to express complex ideas to your audiences? To write a report that will convince them of an idea or policy? To report on what you have done or can do for them? To win their trust in your expertise? To convince them to make a call or to purchase your product or service?

Whether your business is government, finance, law, accounting, public policy or something else, Shorewalker DMS delivers memorable messages and ensures users can respond to them quickly and easily. We work with your team to make sure that your content connects with target audiences.

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"Editing" comes in far more than just one flavour. Your options range from proofreading through copyediting and heavier editing, all the way up to a complete rewrite. Shorewalker DMS offers you the full range; we specialise in the intensive editing that can transform a report or other project.

We specialise in preparing reports for government, business audiences and the general public. At every stage, we work to make your material easy for audiences to understand themselves and to pass on to others, whether through social media or simple conversation.

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Shorewalker DMS principal David Walker has more than two decades of experience using communications to persuade and motivate action. He has worked in executive roles at organisations ranging from data-driven online mortgage sales pioneer eChoice to the Business Council of Australia and edited publications including the much-admired and global-award-winning INTHEBLACK for CPA Australia.

Shorewalker DMS has designed and edited content for organisations ranging from the world's most famous management consultancy to Australia's largest state government.

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