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Our services

We offer editing, authoring, rewriting, proofreading, guidance for authoring teams, and much more. Plus we'll fit in with your people and your tech.

Content editing and authoring services

Win over your audience with the best and most powerful words and imagery, presented in the most effective manner. We will work with your own authors or generate material to give your content maximum impact.

Choosing the editing you need

Use this page to decide which level of editing service is right for you. Copyediting? Line editing? Structural editing? A full rewrite? (Bonus: If you don't use Shorewalker DMS, this page will still help you to tell another editor what you really want.)

Working with your technology

Shorewalker DMS has worked with dozens of technology systems and even built a couple. We can work with yours.

15-minute free consultation

Not sure whether you need what we offer? Tell us about your challenges and see what you think of our responses.