That technology's roaring now

Working with your technology

Shorewalker DMS has worked with dozens of technology systems and even built a couple. We can work with yours. By David Walker.

Whatever your systems, we can work with them. We have the online and print publishing expertise to share, provide or publish content to any specifications, in any format, with the microcontent you need to make your results stand out.

We will deliver what you need, as you need it, whether you need:

  • Word documents or templates
  • finished and proofed InDesign documents
  • XML or HTML files
  • Photoshop or EPS images
  • WAV or MP3 audio files, or
  • more sophisticated audio-visual multimedia.

We can deliver via Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365, secure FTP or plain old email. Or we can provide material in any of hundreds of other configurations via any of dozens of possible delivery mechanisms.

Content management technologies

We’ve worked with web content management systems (CMSs) since 1997. We’ve used everything from SiteCore to WordPress to proprietary systems, overseen CMS builds, and commissioned and built CMSs from scratch.

Our principal, David Walker, led the creation of one of the first A/B split testing systems for an Australian website. That system was later acquired by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Whatever CMS you’re using, we can develop content that’s ready for use in it. If you wish, we can input draft content direct into your system for review.

Cyber and business risk protection

Shorewalker DMS takes special care in managing cybersecurity risks. We store all content assets on a mirrored RAID array on a central and firewalled NAS with secure cloud backup. Two-factor authentication for access to client data is provided where appropriate.

Professional indemnity insurance (to A$10 million) and public liability cover (to A$20 million) are provided through Vero, a member of the Suncorp Group.


Shorewalker DMS configures your content to be used by as many people as possible. We ensure material complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 requirements where needed.