Editing and design services

Win over your audience with the best and most powerful words and imagery, presented in the most effective manner.

We create words and sounds and images and web pages to make the complex simpler, more memorable, more understandable, easier to pass on. We make other people's ideas and offerings easier to take up.

Working like Sessions

We work in the spirit of Roger Sessions, the writer and composer who in 1950 took an idea from a smarter man, and made it into a single memorable sentence for the New York Times:

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

The smarter man whose idea Sessions distilled was ... Albert Einstein.

Einstein's original idea was smart but not ear-catching. Sessions's formulation has been famous ever since. It demonstrates that great ideas can become stronger, not weaker, when they are refined for communication. This is what we aim to do.

You may think that your ideas and offerings are not E=mc². But every venture has ideas and values behind it. In our experience, they're always worth making clearer.

It did, after all, work for Einstein.

Words that work

We craft and polish your message until it's eye-catching. Our guiding principal is always to focus written work on the essentials: the must-know points, the new and the different, the clear core of ideas. We work to fully understand the arguments being made and to illustrate them in the most high-impact way possible.

Our principal, David Walker, has authored and edited material ranging from profiles of business leaders to annual reports, to major reports and submissions to government, to blog posts. He has edited Australian Chief Executive magazine for CEDA and Public Accountant magazine for the Institute of Public Accountants. He is currently editing the award-winning INTHEBLACK, Australia's largest-circulation monthly business magazine, for CPA Australia and Bauer Media.

Websites that work

Our websites are designed to convince visitors of your abilities and convert them into clients.

  • Aimed at generating direct contact with your organisation via phone and email.
  • Optimised to rank as high as possible in Google searches, and particularly on searches by people in your area.
  • Designed to generate trust in your organisation and your people.
  • Matched precisely to your branding.
  • Designed to work equally well on deskop computers, tablet and smartphones.

What we provide

  • Authoring and editing for:
    • Websites
    • Email newsletters
    • Social media messaging
    • Magazines
    • Annual reports
    • Reports and submissions to government
  • Website design
  • Photoshoots
  • Social media imagery