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Content editing and authoring services

Win over your audience with the best and most powerful words and imagery, presented in the most effective manner. We will work with your own authors or generate material to give your content maximum impact.

Shorewalker DMS edits and creates words and sounds and images for print, online or presentational use.

When you need to influence an audience's thinking, you need to make and present arguments. We help you do that.

But great arguments and great presentation rarely just happen. They need to be refined, improved and clarified.

Shorewalker DMS helps your team do this. We use proven processes to make your content better, clearer, and easier to act on.

We edit. We create. We mentor your team. Whichever options you choose, we will help you to create the best possible reports, documents and other editorial content. 

Content that works

You can use us to craft and polish your messages so that they catch people's interest, attention, even imagination. Our guiding principles:

  • Work with your team to craft the right messages.
  • Focus on the essentials in written, spoken and visual work.
  • Understand the arguments being made.
  • Highlight the must-know points, the new and the different, the clear core of ideas.
  • Illustrate and tell stories that explain your messages in high-impact ways
  • Target your content to your audiences, from the public to the CEO.

Our principal, David Walker, has more than three decades' history delivering complex material to audiences.

Our services

We offer several different services for your content:

  • proofreading to correct faults and finalise copy
  • copyediting to tweak and polish text
  • line editing to add coherence, readability and flow as well as polish
  • structural editing to restructure with rewriting where necessary
  • full rewrite to assess the document and then revise, delete and add new content, often working closely with a domain expert  

Read our detailed guide to choosing the service you need.

We deal with the full range of complex content:

  • reports
  • submissions to government
  • annual reports
  • websites
  • email newsletters
  • social media messaging
  • magazine copy.

Our clients love our commitment to high standards and high impact.

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