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Not sure whether you need what we offer? Tell us about your challenges and see what you think of our responses.

How it works

  • You call us or fill in our form, and ask for a 15-minute consultation. The consultation either happens right away, or we arrange a time you're comfortable with.
    • You can use the form below to let us know when you'd like a call.
  • Then we talk. Mostly you talk and we listen. We finish by making some observations about how your project might go ahead.
  • Then you either hire us or you don't. There's no obligation.

What it does

Our 15-minute consultation is designed to do three things:

  • Help you to think about what you really need from your publishing or promotion project.
  • Help you to understand how we think about publishing and promotion opportunities and challenges.
  • Help you and us both to understand whether we should be working together.

Why we offer it

We do these 15-minute consultations because it's always interesting to us to hear about people's challenges – even if it doesn't result in an agreement to work together.

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